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What To Do With Your Pet(s) When the Movers Arrive

January 14, 2019

Hiring movers to help you through your moving transition can help you manage both your time and stress levels, allowing you to do as little work as possible when it comes to moving into your new home. If you’ve already hired movers, then you probably already know all of the perks and benefits of doing so. However, you may find yourself with some last minute questions or wondering about things that might not have been at the forefront of your mind when scheduling your move. Like, for example, what to do with your pet or pets when the movers arrive to your home to start working. Luckily we have thought this one through for you! Here are a few suggestions for what you can do with your furry friends when moving day comes around.


Leave Them With a Pet Sitter

If you have a close friend, family member, or a trusted pet sitter to leave your animal with during moving day, that might be the best option for you. This will ensure that your pet is in a safe place while you’re getting things taken care of. During a move, doors are constantly being opened and closed for inside and outside access. With a pet running around, you’ll have to worry about them running outside and getting lost. If they’re being watched by someone else, that’s one less thing for you to worry about, plus your pet will still be getting the attention and care they deserve.


Have Someone Take Them for a Walk

Depending on what kind of pet you have, you may be able to have a family member take them out for the day. Consider sending out your dog for a nice long walk or hike. Maybe your cat is due for an annual vet visit. If you have older children, enlist their help to keep your furry friend company for the day and out of harm’s way.


Keep Them in an Enclosed Backyard

Perhaps you have a pet that is comfortable staying outside, which can be a great way to keep the house free of pets without having to make any prior arrangements. If you have a fenced yard, you can let your pet roam free, while being able to frequently check on them or play with them while the movers do their work.


Steering Clear of the Movers

Of course, only you have the right to make decisions about what is best for your pet. Some pets will fare well in a closed-off bedroom door while there are guests in the house, while other pets will be too excited to calm down if left alone in a room. We know that pets are part of the family, so wherever you decide to keep them during your move is up to you, as long as they’ll be safely kept out of the way of the movers. It can be unsafe for animals to be left to roam free in the house while movers are coming in and out, as this can lead to tripping and falling, or dropped furniture. We don’t want anyone, two or four-legged, to get hurt! If you have any more last minute questions about moving in the Central Arkansas area, give us a call at 501-502-0113; we will be glad to help!

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