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How Do We Price Your Moving Quote?

December 13, 2018

If you’ve ever called around looking for a price to move from point A to point B, then you’ve probably received a moving quote based off of…what? Moving quotes can vary from company to company, based off of many different factors. At Moving U in Sherwood, we like to price our moves in a way that gives our customers a guaranteed, fixed price to budget for. We don’t just add up a bunch of numbers and charge you for every menial fee we can think of. As a customer, knowing how your move is being priced can help you spend and save your money as you see fit. So, how do we price your moving quote?


Inventory-Based Moving Quote

The main element of our pricing stems from our customer’s inventory-the items that they are needing to be moved; we like to get as much detail as possible when determining inventory because of this reason. We ask our customers to tell us what they need moved, so we can check it off on our list, and then we have our customers review that list for confirmation. This helps us provide an accurate moving quote that you’ll be able to plan your budget around.


Local or Long-Distance

Pricing can vary depending on whether or not you’re needing a local move or a long-distance move. The system we use for moving quotes will calculate moves based off the mileage or distance between homes. Local moves typically range about 60 miles from point A to point B. Moves that are more than 60 miles will qualify as long-distance moves, and obviously, the price will go up based off of that distance.


Unusual Items

There are some items we come across that aren’t considered standard. Standard household items are probably all of the things you can think of, plus whatever fits into various sized moving boxes. Couches, tables, desks, chairs, and beds, for example are all items we consider standard items that are regularly accounting for when we’re pricing a moving quote. However, things like firearms, heavy safes and grand pianos are complex and need extra special care in order to move, so they are priced differently than most items.


Automatic Pricing

Rest-assured, we aren’t simply coming up with these numbers off of the top of our heads. We have a pricing software that automatically prices your move based off of the information you give us about your unique move. This way, there are no errors or random fluctuations in the the way we price our moves, but instead, everything is accurate and consistent everytime we give out guaranteed quotes.


Ready to Move?

If you’re ready to move and are interested in a moving quote, give us a shout at 501-502-0113! We will be transparent every step of the way and answer any questions you have about the cost of your move. The great thing about our pricing system is that there are ways to cut down costs and save money in order to book a move that fits within your budget.

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