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We all know how good it feels to move into a new home and put everything into its proper place. Those first few weeks (okay, maybe days) are usually as organized as it gets. Because after a while, your home gets lived in and things get used. Your pantry gets filled up, mail gets left out onto the table, and the floors get scuffed. Everyone’s routine goes back to normal and cleaning is just another chore, sometimes haphazardly carried out. Fortunately, spring is just around the corner and you know what that means: spring cleaning.

As movers, we know a thing or two about packing, storing, and managing space, all while staying organized. With these tips and tricks, we’ll have your space spring cleaned in no time.

Formulate a Game Plan

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when faced with the task of cleaning. Where should you even start? Before diving straight into the clutter, make yourself a list of what you want to achieve. If you are looking to maximize storage space, maybe you should start clearing out shelves and closets. From there you can decide what stays and what goes, and then put things back nice and neatly. Maybe you just settled into a new home and need movers to take your belongings to a storage facility. Whatever you do, it helps to keep your end goals in mind as motivator to get the job done.

Start Small and Simple

Once you pick a room to clean, do some simple tasks first. Clean your kitchen counters and do the dishes. Gradually, progress into the chores that might take more time, such as cleaning out the fridge and pantry. You don’t want to feel like you’ve poured all your energy out into the first chore and still have the rest of the room to do. Of course, if this is the method that works best for you, do so.

Don’t Go Back and Forth

The best way to deep clean your home is by finishing up one room at a time. It allows you to check things off your list and keep track of what you’ve gotten done. When you start out in the kitchen, make a list of things to accomplish. Upon completion, make a list for the bathroom and finish in there (and so on). This helps you focus on areas that need the most attention and sets you up in a position to breaks as needed. Maybe one day you clean two rooms and the next two more.  

All Hands on Deck

Unless you live alone, you should not be charge of picking up after everyone. Your significant other, children, your roommate-whoever you share space with-should join in on spring cleaning. Doing chores doesn’t have to be boring; turn on some music, put out some snacks, and get to it! As a reward for a hard day’s work, plan a family movie night or a special dinner to make. This can keep complaining at a minimum and gives everyone something to look forward.

With a little time and effort, your space will be spring cleaned and ready to relax in. If you’re all finished and find yourself with a load of stuff you need stored away, feel free to reach out! We can help you rent a storage space and our movers can help you get it there.