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Every year, we look forward to the warm and sunny days spring brings. The fresh flowers blooming and leaves growing again all over our trees is a welcomed change of scenery after winter’s drab days. But, if you’re anything like us, you know how quickly spring can turn into your least favorite time of the year. Why? Seasonal allergies.

All those fresh flowers bring a lot of pollen and allergens that can leave you sneezy, itchy, and sick. It’s hard to escape the forces of nature when you’re outside, but when it follows you into your new home, it can be infuriating! When you’re moving, you can bring all that pollen and dust into your house as it settles onto your clothing and furniture during transportation. That’s why we want to give you some tips on how to keep that pollen outside, without carrying it in with you.

1. Wash Your Clothes Right Away

After you get all of your belongings moved into your new home, go ahead and change into a clean pair of clothes before unpacking. If you’ve spent time going in and out all day, you’re going to have pollen, dust, and allergens in the fibers of your clothing. Instead of wearing them inside and handling all of your household items, change out of them and throw them into the wash right away. This will prevent pollen from falling into your items, settling onto the floor, and giving you allergy symptoms later.

2. Don’t Let Your Pets on the Bed

Moving takes a toll on your furry friends too. After all, they’re being taken to all new surroundings and have to adjust like you do during a move! It can be tempting to let them cuddle up on your bed, couch, and chairs with you on the first night in your new home. However, doing so can transfer their pet dander and dust mites onto your furniture and blankets. Unless you give them a bath and ensure they are free of allergens, it might be best to make them sleep on their own pillows instead. Otherwise, you’ll be breathing in those things which can set off a sneezy, runny nose. That does not sound like the peaceful first night you deserve after a long day of moving.

3. Use Furniture Covers When Moving

If you’re going to be moving during a particularly pollinated area, you should consider using furniture covers while transporting furniture. There are covers available for couches, chairs, and beds of all sizes that will protect your furniture from external elements. When you think about resting your head on a pillow full of pollen, it only makes sense to take protective measures to keep your furniture clean and free of dust. Plus, you can reuse them again during future moves since they serve the dual purpose of protecting your furniture from anything that might settle into it while being moved.

4. Vacuum the Floors and Wipe the Counters

Just like with your clothes, dust and pollen will be tracked into your new house while you are moving things in all day. Cleaning will probably be the last thing you want to do afterward, but it is a good idea to quickly vacuum the main areas you walked in, such as the entrances to your home. And, if you were setting boxes and such onto your counters while moving, give them a quick wipe down. This will wipe away dust and pollen, preventing you from an allergy attack later on.

It doesn’t take much to clear your home of potential allergens during a move. The best thing you can do is to remove those allergens from building up, by simply giving your home and clothing a wipe down before settling in for the night. That way, whatever you tracked in during the day, is cleaned up before the sneezing sets in.